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We see a giant "Meet Samus Aran" banner at the front, with a short yet triumphant section of the Metroid theme to accompany it.

DISSOLVE TO: A shot of SAMUS' boots walking along the dirt-encrusted remains of K-2L. She kicks aside several spent ammo casings and steps on an abandoned pair of glasses as she walks.

CUT TO: KRAID. He is sitting in front of the camera, speaking to the person out of shot who is interviewing him.

I fear no Hunter. But that...girl? She scares me.

CUT TO: A shot over SAMUS' shoulder. She strides calmly into a Space Pirate encampment. We see in the background several SPACE PIRATES fighting for hiding spots.

CUT TO: A SPACE PIRATE COMMANDO. He too is being interviewed on camera.

I ain't talkin' about HER, alright?...She's not HERE, is she?...How do we fight this fucking thing off?

CUT TO: Inside one of the rooms in the Space Pirate base. We hear a Power Beam shot, then the blue door opens. In the nearby shadow, a nervous SPACE PIRATE cowers as SAMUS coldly sweeps the room.

CUT TO: RIDLEY, also being interviewed.

One shudders to imagine what inhuman thoughts lie within that Suit...

CUT TO: A shot of the K-2L colony burning to the ground. Silhouetted against the flames is OLD BIRD, who is carrying the three-year-old SAMUS to safety.

CUT TO: A close-up of SAMUS in OLD BIRD'S arms.

...What dreams of wrathful and lasting vengeance?!

ZOOM OUT: SAMUS' eyes, this time zooming out into a shot of young SAMUS on her father's shoulders.

CUT TO: A shot of the two from behind. In the background, a firework goes off in the night sky.

CUT TO: A shot of the young SAMUS pointing up at the firework, shrieking with delight.

CUT TO: A shot of the adult SAMUS, pointing her Arm Cannon up in exactly the same way, while firing a Missile directly into KRAID'S mouth.

CUT TO: A (rather adorable) shot of the young SAMUS running after her parents, dragging a teddy bear behind her. She catches up to them and grabs her mother's hand with her own free hand.

CUT TO: Adult SAMUS, mid Speed Boost, leaping into the air and Goomba stomping a fleeing SPACE PIRATE as the base burns in the background.

CUT TO: A frontal shot of young SAMUS holding her mother's hand when something behind the camera spooks her. She dashes behind her mother's legs and holds on for dear life, screaming in horror as she does so.

CUT TO: A frontal shot of adult SAMUS rolling into her Morph Ball as RIDLEY'S shadow covers the area she stands in.

CUT TO: A close-up clip of the frightened young SAMUS' face, partially obscured by her mother's leg.

CUT TO: A side view of RIDLEY swooping down, ready to grab the Morph Ball in his taloned claws, just as SAMUS releases a Power Bomb right into the approaching RIDLEY.

WIPE TO: A shot of the devastation. SPACE PIRATE corpses litter the ground. The entire base is collapsing and in flames. Those Pirates who aren't dead are heavily injured and fleeing, leaving bloody trails in their wake.

CUT TO: A SPACE PIRATE with eyes ruined by the blast clinging to SAMUS' boot.


CUT TO: A shot of SAMUS' visor. We hear the shot and the SPACE PIRATE'S death cry, and we see the flash reflected in her visor. SAMUS cocks her head to one side just after.


CUT TO: A wide shot of the ARAN FAMILY from behind. They happily stride off into the background of the firework-laden night sky as the camera pulls away.

TRANSITION: The camera pulls away from the last scene through the smoldering hole in RIDLEY'S corpse. Through this hole the previous shot can still be seen. Around Ridley, the burning Space Pirate Base can be seen. RIDLEY screeches a final time, weakly, then collapses to reveal adult SAMUS unflinchingly walking away.

A parody of the Team Fortress 2 trailer, "Meet the Pyro". It can be seen here: [link]

It isn't a shot-for-shot remake, but I feel it captures the essence of what characterized the Pyro, but still used what Samus has been established as being.

I have no bloody idea what inspired this.
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MasterFusion Featured By Owner Edited Mar 1, 2015
Awesome! Samus needs to be portrayed like this, the Bane of all Space Pirates.
Mystrii Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I have a question. How did you get some of the text centered? I thought the http code for it was not supported on literature deviations...
Thunderchin Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist
HTML code? I can't remember.
EL058 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012
This was awesome!
Thunderchin Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012  Hobbyist

I'm glad you liked it.
AlphonseDaya Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012
I'd love to see that with Source Film Maker, using SSBB Samus and Ridley, OM and Prime Pirates (the OM one with new textures to appear less flashy and more natural).

With a few tweaks for it to appear a bit more serious, like instead of interview, there's a reunion of Space Pirates.
Thunderchin Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Hobbyist
Ooh, good idea. Also, those few tweaks ruins the whole point of making it TF2 style. I wanted to keep the TF humor going
AlphonseDaya Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012
In that case, we can something different while keeping the whole flashback stuff.
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